Dear West Gippsland Inc. Financial Members,

As you are all aware, membership of the West Gippsland Relic, Mining and Heritage Protection Inc (West Gippsland Inc.) requires either a $50 annual fee or a once of lifetime membership fee of $300. This money is spent solely on heritage and other Aberfeldy Tracks work and is a vital part of our income to allow this work to continue.

Membership allows you to bring your partner, children or your parents only. It does not include cousins, uncles, aunties, etc.

Any person who wishes to join West Gippsland Inc. on expeditions and who is not a direct family member should join by paying the appropriate membership fee.

However, we can offer the following as a once off. Any financial member who brings a friend, or distance family member along as either a once off or as visitor to see what we are about is ok. A donation of $10 is to be made on arrival. This person/s can only do this as a once off. If that person/s wishes to become a member afterwards, the $10 will be deducted off the Membership fee. This is only allowed if the said person is invited by a financial member, we will not allow this process to occur for individuals who wish to come along or to see what we are about.

The member must make sure this is firstly Ok'd by a member of our committee before inviting anyone along. It is also limited to no more than 4 visitors per trip per financial member.

Visitors have no access to any of our Google Drive data, or privileged information until they become a financial member.

Visitors must go to our website and register as a visitor on our newly updated membership form and select the appropriate drop down menu as "Visitor with Financial Member Only". The $10 fee is payable in cash only and made payable on arrival of that particular expedition.

More information can be obtained from the West Gippsland Inc. website or by sending an email to

Working bees, volunteer works and our charity mine tours do not require you to be a member. This is usually made clear when we send out emails advertising the said trip.


Rudi Paoletti (President)