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Proudly funding and maintaining

The 'ABERFELDY TRACK' Historic Touring Route jointly with DELWP


Our Inc. relies on donations to fund the maintenance, extensions, Free Maps and any damage incurred. It does not get funded by the government or organisation.

100% of money goes to the upkeep of the Project. All labour is voluntary, and no money goes to any individual.

If you don’t want to be a member but would still like to donate, please click on the above Paypal Donate Button.

Donations can start from as little as $5.

Any amount is much appreciated.

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Founded by Rudi Paoletti, the West Gippsland Relic Mining and Heritage Protection Inc was created to protect, restore and rediscover many of the historical sites in the gold mining area between Walhalla and Jamieson. Rudi has been researching the area for over twenty years and now leads a team of volunteers that run many exciting expeditions to locate these historical sites and endeavour to learn more about a bygone era.

Much work has been completed on the historic cemeteries at Store Point, Jericho and Red Jacket with several other lone graves located and signposted. Mining sites, hut sites, hotels (shanties) and townships are also part of the exploration work and are incorporated into the touring route which traverses some of the most beautiful, scenic four wheel drive routes across the Great Divide.

Over one hundred interpretative signs have been installed on the Aberfeldy Track Back Road Tour, telling many fascinating stories of the gold mining history from the late 1850's to the early 1900's. Along with many walking tracks and eight side trips into historic sites, the Aberfeldy Track is one of the largest European historical touring routes in the Southern Hemisphere. West Gippsland Relic Mining & Heritage Protection Inc. work closely with land managers such as the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Parks Victoria, as well as authorities such as Heritage Victoria, Melbourne Water and the municipalities of Baw Baw and Mansfield Shires, to ensure sites are protected and that some of the smaller communities along the route benefit economically from increasing tourism into the area. Many of these communities have been devastated financially from bush fires, either directly or threatened, over past years. Several four wheel drive clubs have volunteered their services to assist maintain areas along the Aberfeldy Track, but to continue restoration work and replacement of signage, improvements to infrastructure and provision of new interpretative signage to sites that are newly discovered, at least $5000 is required to be raised each year.

You can play a part in helping to protect these important historical heritage sites for future generations to come by donating or becoming a member.

Please note, maintenance and repairs to vandalised signage on the ‘Aberfeldy Track’ touring route is paid for entirely by West Gippsland Relic, Mining & Heritage Protection Inc.


We have 2 types of memberships; Standard and Life.



Cost? Standard Membership: $50 for a 12 month period ($25 for aged pensioners) or see below for a LIFE MEMBERSHIP. If you continue to pay yearly and reach $300, you automatically become a Life Member.

Do we get a Tax Invoice? Yes, a tax invoice will be either emailed or mailed to you. Tax deductible because our organisation is non-profit.

What do I get being a member? You get regular expedition updates, new finds, inclusion on new projects and all the latest information. You also get to be part of the team by joining in and coming along to any of our expeditions to find new hotels, mines, graves, etc. ( see conditions below). You also get to share our rare information, files, manuscripts, etc via our online Cloud.

What happens with the money we pay? The Incorporation is non-profit. All monies are spent directly into providing signage, materials, etc to protect and preserve our historic sites. See below on what so far we have done and spent.

What area do you cover and protect? We cover from Walhalla to Jamieson. Covering such areas as Donnellys Creek, Aberfeldy, Woods Point, Enochs Point, etc

What is our aim? I have been researching the area now for more than 20 years and have found over 1,000 sites previously lost in time. Our aim is to restore, protect, signpost and catalogue high impact historical sites against further damage and loss. All sites are also entered in the Heritage Victoria Database for further protection.

Do we work alongside government departments and other organisations? Yes we do. Heritage Victoria, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria and DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, & Water Protection) are our main government departments. We work alongside them for a common cause. We are also affiliated with FWD Victoria and work alongside four wheel drive clubs that adopt our sites.

Expedition Conditions:

1. Some expeditions are limited in numbers, so it is always best to book in early once date is announced
2. One membership covers yourself, partner, your parents and your children only. Any other family member/ friend individuals are most welcome to sign up on the day.

Please click here to see conditions and how you can bring a "visitor".


Cost? $300 once off cost for life

This membership has all the above, but it is a once off fee for life.


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