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A1 Mine Settlement. Boom to bust and rise again
Aberfeldy Crossing 1862 - c. 1866A River crossing of many names
Aberfeldy Heritage walk
Site 1 - Aberfeldy Shopping Precinct
Aberfeldy Heritage walk.
Site 2 - Fair Haven Guest House
Aberfeldy Heritage walk.
Site 3 - Royal Mail Hotel
Aberfeldy Heritage walk
Aberfeldy Heritage walk
Site 5 - Aberfeldy main st (known as High Street)
A little sister of mighty Matlock
All Nations
Germans Alpine Hotel.
A place of relief and rest
Bald Hills
Two Mining Companies Settle. 1865 - c.1923
Barbours c. 1863 - c. 1867
Financial hardship ends in flames
Bark Hut Boarding house 1862 - c. 1863
A place of rumours and contoversy
Beadmores Hotel c. 1870 - 1930's
Beadmore's house of good repute
The Bennett family house site
Binns Hotel 1871 - 1873
A strong name from a strong family
Binns Family house site
1863 - 1865
Blue Jacket 1862 - 1868
Villages of different colours
Shortems Shanty
c. 1864 - 1866
Mrs Rome's restaurant 1863 - 1865
Deserted with a new born child
Cast Iron Point post World War I (c.1914)
Mining equipment recycled
Charles Brown Grave
Died 6 April 1882
Chinaman's Point c. 1860's - 1900's
Chinese wisdom reaped gold and veggies
Code's Flat c.1860's
Over fifty years of residency
Concord Gully 1863 - 1869
Aspirations and man power failed to produce yields
Connaughton's Flat
The history of O'Toole's Camping Ground
Christina Shaw From Scotland to Donnelly's Creek
A tribute to one of our pioneering women

Mt Pleasant Hotel c.1864 - c.1869
A crook by name and nature

Dawes Hotel and Accommodation House
(c. 1863 - c. 1869)

Donnelly's Creek Recreation Ground
1880's to 1900's The Cricket Ground

Drummonds Point
The Commercial Centre

Edwards Reef 1863 - 1880
Three quartz reefs equals three hotels

The Eldorado Settlement c.1860's
Low yields but a good bushfire shelter
Eliza Alderson Grave
1858 - 1864
Father and Son Grave
late 1800's to early 1900's
Fiddlers Green 1865 - 1866
A high cost for a machinery belt

Frenchman's Hotel

Fulton Creek Township (1862 - 1897)
'Hope' for a mine

Gaffneys Creek c. 1860
Garibaldi Hotel
The Germans c.1860's
A lost name
Golden Wall c.1864 - 1868
A race that stood the test of time
Gooley's Creek Township
First Gold on the Woods Point gold field
Hanging Rock
Harper's Creek Settlement 1864 - c. 1867
Crawford's Accomodation House
Harry Sallars Restaurant
Abandoned by 1866
Holmedale c.1860's
Getting the mail through
Township of Jericho
1862 to 1939
Jericho Bank c. 1864
The untimely death of a favourite bank manager
Jericho Church
c.1864 - 1932
Jericho Oak Tree
An acorn from home springs to life
Jericho Police Station
Jericho School #2001
c.1865 - 1925
Johansen Family Grave
Late 1800's
Jordon River Diversion Tunnel c.1870's
A demonstration of miners ingenuity and skills
Kelly's c.1878 - 1910's
The rebellious Mrs Coates had a popular stop over
Kelly's Flat c.1878 - 1910's
From trees to tramways
Kevington Hotel
Kitty Cane's Hotel
c. 1870's
Kitty Cane's Grave
c. 1860's
Kittyhawk Plane Crash Site
Landy's Dream 1894 - 1896
Aerial tramway a local marvel
Maguire's Hotel c.1860's
Spirits in the house
March Bank's Saw Mill 1903 - 1913
Timber and Football
Once the highest gold mining in Australia
McMillans Walking Track
Merington's Flat 1880's - c.1920
A cricketing legend's pitch
Mountain Home Hotel (Barrets)
Mountain Town 1875 - mid 1880's
'Holy Joe' moved up a mountain for company

Murderer's Hill 1862
Butcher murders for gold

Mutton Town c.1860's
Mutton for the miners
No sweat diggings
Kevington Township at Macks creek 1866
Paton Flat c. 1866 - 1900
Polly Coates 1867 - c.1876
A provider for the Shamrock Settlement
Porters Halfway House 1862 - 1869
Nine year old finds a gold reef
Red Jacket Church
Red Jacket Jordan's Hotel
Red Jacket Post Office c.1865
In memory of the postal workers of the Jordan Valley
Red Jacket School 1871 - 1899
Community struggle for a school
Red Jacket Sports Ground c.1890s
Red Jacket Township c. 1862 - 1930
Red Jacket Hotel is the heartbeat of the town

Smith's Hotel 1862 - 1866
Smith's hospitality was renowned

Smoko Point c.1939-1945
Soldiers enjoy a cigarette!
Store Point Hotel
Store Point School House c 1890's
More than one bell ringing at the school
Store Point Township 1862 - 1922
Police roughed it to calm feuding towns
Taylor's Family Grave c.1860's
The Toorak of the Great Divide
The Crinoline c.1862 - 1878
The Springs 1863 - c.1870's
Hotels sprang up at The Springs
c.1870 - 1912
Toombon Mine
1870 - 1940
Tunnel Bend 1866
German Spur Settlement
Unknown Shanty
Victor's Quartz c.1896 - c.1906
Man with a golden touch
View Point
Trenfield reserve
View Point Hotel
A Hill with a View c.1862 - 1866
Violet Town aka. 'Jolly's' c.1862 - 1920's
Imagine a valley of colour and perfume
Water Trough c. late 19th century
Pack horses keep the north country alive Water trough
Webber's Point 1862 - 1865
Dancing saloons and women of ill repute
White Star Mine 1865 -1911
'Sailor Jack' could find a quartz reef
White Star Cricket Ground
"Wiskas" Grave
Dogs Grave Jorgenson Flat
Wood's Point
Enoch's Point Cemetery